Sunday, August 18, 2013


So, when we replaced our kitchen cabinets, one of the drawbacks was that they only had one shelf.
I went to the home improvement store, and purchased some nice wood, instead of whatever is cheapest-which is what I usually do.
My middle boys measured, cut and moved the shelves around so that we have more usable space in the cabinets.

I was happy with the results.
My newest hens have begun to lay eggs.
They are white.

They are smaller than the other eggs, but I'm sure they will get larger with time.
The boys made some new nest boxes yesterday too. The new hens were in them this morning when I went to clean out the coup.
My husband and other men-children are currently hanging new closet doors to the hall closet. Apparently son #1 thought it would be funny to tackle son#3. He didn't take into account that the MIIRRORED closet doors will only give so much before they crack. Normally when things break, it is son #3 &4. For whatever reason, it always  involves son #3. I don't know why, it just does. His response is that he is so Epic, all the interesting things happen when he is around. I have to give him props, at least it is a creative answer.

I finally have ripe tomatoes from my garden! I ate my first one yesterday. They were so good.
My plants are full, its just a matter of waiting for them to turn ripe.
My goals for this week are:
-Mix manure into part of the garden to prep it for fall planting. I want to see if I can really grow lettuce here year round. I plan to also plant kale and chard
-Get all the window washed.
-Go through my clothes, and prepare a give away bag.
-Make an appointment for my son's car to have the muffler replaced and to get the car through emissions so I can get it tabbed.

It will be interesting to see what I get done!


  1. Wow! You are getting so much accomplished. It's wonderful that your boys help out.

    1. My kids rock in that department. I think they like playing with power tools...

  2. My new, little hens ALWAYS laid small eggs. I, too, hoped they would get bigger. I sure hope yours start laying larger eggs.

    1. I know I don't really remember how little my other hens eggs were at first- I had never had fresh eggs before. Now that I have, I know I wont go back. I love watching my hens- they all have such different personalities.

    2. Oh yes, different personalities are what make me laugh. Some are the ones who come beg for more food. It is so funny.

  3. New cabinets. Under cabinet lighting. Men who know what they're doing. Fat chickens. The adoption went through. Your cup ran over into your saucer.

    Any of them planning on being missionaries? It's a HARD two years.