Sunday, January 19, 2014

Happy boys

My kids have been Seahawks fans since they were old enough to know what football was.
They are SUPER excited to see them go to the Super Bowl.
Me, I don't care. As the NFC championship game was on, I was working on our income taxes ( yuk!)
I did make them lots of goodies before the game today, just because I'm a good mom.
So, now the boys wait in anticipation for the game.
There are still fireworks going off, which is funny. 
I love that others are celebrating.
Even if it's a football game.

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  1. I used to love football when I was a kid because it was something I could do with my dad. He watched all of the Denver games. So my husband and I will be watching the Super Bowl this year, just to see my childhood favorite and my current home team play against each other. And yes, we're going to making goodies for the Big Game. ;)