Thursday, January 30, 2014

this past week

This weekend was unusually busy. We got up, went to clean the church building. We were there for about an hour. The boys and I then left to come home. The sun was out, it was chilly.

This is the tree in my back yard at sunrise.
I never trimmed the trees this fall ( oops).  The boys and I borrowed my parents pole saw and prepared to trim the trees, in the front and the back.

This is the blue spruce out front. Jonathon trimmed the lower branches. The puppy and Andrew are out front cleaning up.

 We ended up with quite the pile of limbs.

The front yard does get more light with the tree trimmed up.
Jonathon and I trimmed the trees at the side and out back, but I haven't taken any pics of those.
Sunday we made three trips to the dump to get rid of the limbs. We filled up the back of the suburban ( we took the third seat out and put the other seats down).
I am hoping that Saturday will be decent so that we can finish trimming the trees.

The puppy is getting big.

The Seattle Seahawks are on playing in the Superbowl, and this area is full of happy fans. Today on the way home, my coworkers and I ( we vanpool) spotted a house that PAINTED the side blue and had a huge "12" on it. I will try to take a picture tomorrow. We couldn't believe it.
I thought it would be cute to make some banners- who doesn't like banners?


I made one for two of my co-workers. One of my co workers hung it up at work. We have had several compliments.

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