Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

       Last night we went to my mother in laws for New Years Eve. We had pizza and watched movies. the 2 year old FK ate 3 pieces of pizza ( have no idea WHERE he fits the food in). When we left, it was foggy. It was so thick, that roads I normally drive 60 mph on; I was only doing 40. It was  a little unnerving.

I usually don't do New Years resolutions. I just don't see a point to it.
I do have several goals for this year.
-to get more vegetables out of my garden this year
-try to grow potatoes
-finish my staircase
-replace the light fixture in the kitchen
-declutter each room in the house.

     Saturday we went to the Pacific Science Center. I love that place. It is hands on. It is perfect for kids. I get a discount thru my employer, so we went ahead and purchased a membership. When you have a large family, its cheaper to do that.

The sun even came out while we where there.



Hubby with some of the kids. The older three boys didn't come. They were house sitting for one of my friends.
When we were done, one of the FK's asked if he could see the Space Needle up close. He said he had not been down to the Seattle Center since he was in second grade. It was nice outside. So we walked by there.

This is evidence that yes, the sun does shine in Seattle.
We went for pizza for lunch afterwards. The boys had a great time.


  1. It sounds like you had a good New Year; pizza twice, yum! I'm glad you got home safely in the fog. That science center looks like an amazing place! Good luck achieving your goals for 2014. :-)

  2. Happy New Year!! I like resolutions but they have to be very specific for me to actually accomplish anything. "Get healthy" doesn't work. ;)

    The Pacific Science Center looks awesome. I hope everyone had lots of fun!

    To answer your question, we do plan to home school. That plan isn't set in stone, but we will definitely keep her home for at least the first six months to work on bonding and help her understand how a family works. I hope that we'll be able to start schooling her during that period as well but it depends on how quickly she picks up English (or how quickly my Chinese improves!). Ideally, I want to home school her until she's ready for high school. I always wanted to home school my kids but it depends on her personality/learning style/educational needs.