Sunday, January 5, 2014

this weekend

Was busy. Hubby went back to BYU-I. It was nice here this past weekend. The kids played outside. Everyday. It was great.
I redid the chicken wire around my garden space. I cleaned up/out the garden. This past fall, Andrew and Ryan thought it would be easier to dump all the leaves in it, instead of the compost pile.
It has been a big, soggy mess in there. I cleaned it out Friday. It looks so much better now.
I cleaned out the hen house yesterday. It too looks and smells better.
Jon worked on cleaning/organizing the garage.
I have 2 big boxes of stuff to go to the thrift store. I have a feeling we will be working on the garage for a couple months. There is so much stuff in there. Hubby cleaned out his military stuff to take with him, he has to turn it all in. His last day will be the 30th of June. No more national guard :)
He will be retired.
I made a flannel board for one of my foster kiddos. They are super easy to make. I took a stretched canvas ( purchased at Wal Mart) and stapled flannel to it. I then took felt that I had and cut it into different shapes. The 2 year old seems to like it. I wanted to give him something different to play with. If you google felt quiet books ( which I will be attempting to make soon) and flannel boards, there are tons of really cool websites that come up. The link for one is here or here
I did take pics, I will download them later.
Some of my goals for this week are:
-touch up the walls in the living room
-go thru some of the boxes of stuff in the garage
-to take lunch with me everyday at work

we will see how this goes.

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  1. Wow! Great list for this week. Good luck getting everything done!

    Flannel boards are awesome. I remember playing with those at church. :)