Friday, March 28, 2014

Attic clean up update

I am almost done. I went thru all of the totes, and went thru some a second time.
Here is what I have emptied

Notice the tall brown sack? Yeah, it's full of papers. I have filled 4(?) garbage bags.
I have a second brown bag that is 1/4 full, and another garbage bag that is on it's way to filling up.

The papers on top of the tub are for shredding. My foster kiddo loved shredding the papers earlier, so hey, why not? He shreds as I sort.

The boys bedroom floor is visible.
Tomorrow, Jon and I will put the totes back in the attic. The empty ones I will be re-homing.
I will keep some to hold decorations. I know I will not need ALL of them. In fact, I know I have four more big empty totes in the attic.
It's almost 1030 pm here, and that is way past my bedtime..