Monday, March 17, 2014

This week

So, I was able to complete the hooked rug. It is done.
Friday I was off work, but spent the day running kids around to various doctor appointments. Later that afternoon I did mow the front yard.
Saturday, I spent tinkering around the house. It was cloudy but not too chilly, I washed some bedding and hung it out to dry.
I am hoping that the weather begins to warm up/dry out this week. We have already received 6.91 inches of rain this month. My back yard reminds me of a bog. Saturday I picked up a planter to move it and found 5 different tree frogs.
This week I need to make a to do list of house repairs. My husband is considering looking into jobs in Eastern Washington, so we may be moving this summer. I hate moving. If my hubby finds a job, then I go where he goes. My 14 year old said as long as he can get a dirt bike ( aka motorcycle) or a quad he would be happy. All the boys say if possible, they would like a work shop. It would be interesting to see how all of the boys ( hubby included) would go about organizing it. I think, to keep my sanity, I will just avoid that area.
This Saturday my kids have scouting for food pick up, and later that day their troop has a spaghetti dinner. I will be cooking noodles at home and then will be dropping them off at the church. I wont be going this year, but that is only because one of my foster kids does not do well with a lot of stimulation. So, for my sanity, I try to limit that.
Tomorrow we will be going out to Red Robin to celebrate Andrew's and the fk's bday. They have the same birthday. Andrew will be 13, and the foster child will be 5. He is super excited for his birthday. I got him a bicycle, some Thomas the train figures, and some sticker books.
Off to bed I go, as this is late for me...

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  1. Ooh, I hate moving too. But I wish him luck with the job hunt if that's God's will for your family!