Sunday, March 9, 2014

Goals for this week

I have several goals for this week.
1. Finish the latch hook rug for my nephews birthday.
2. Finish and hang my St Pattys banner.
3. Make some felt letters for my felt board that my one FK enjoying playing with
4. Organize my craft things.

I'm off this Friday, but the kids have doctors appointments that day. 
This past week has been a struggle, the youngest FK has had a nasty cold, which turned into a double ear infection. Go figure. When he is missing naps 3 days a week, ask me if I am surprised. The day care is not impressed with the visiting supervisor either. They said they already contacted the social worker. 
This month we have two birthdays to celebrate, and they are both on the same day.
I already know what I want to get the boys, I just need to go purchase it.


  1. I love your goals! Good luck getting everything accomplished.
    I hope the youngest feels better soon!

  2. How you have time to do anything with kids is beyond me. I remember writing my first book - LONG HAND, just as my 5 year old decided to climb the tall chest of drawers one drawer at a time. Of course it fell down on top of her, but missed squishing her because she landed in the safe area between the bed and the top of the cabinet.

    Talk about guilt!!!