Friday, January 16, 2015

Moved in!

We left around 630 in the morning last Friday, rolled into our new home a little after 830 that night.
The drive was long. There was really thick fog in the blue mountains and again in Southern Idaho. In Idaho it was unnerving because it was in the low twenties.
I love my lot, it's spacious and flat. There are several trees out back.
Monday I called U-pack, I had my trailer here by that afternoon. We had it unloaded in 5 hours. I thought we did pretty well.
I have been trying to go through items to get rid of stuff. I have two large totes. I have also been painting the inside of the kitchen cabinets. The cabinets themselves are in good shape, however they need to be refinished.

Here are some pics 

This is from my back deck

My kitchen. Gotta love the green countertops..

This is what hubby calls " my green mile"

My backyard. The hens are in the kennel. They all survived the trip down here. Currently the coop has tarps around three sides to cut down on the wind. They also have a bale of straw in there to help keep warm.


  1. I see a can of KILZ on your counter top. Good way to start. Have you checked to see if there's hardwood hiding below the green mile??? I think it's just dandy. I really do!

    1. Hubby wants the green mile to stay.
      KILZ is a great paint. I finished the inside of three cabinets so far.

  2. Green much? lol I'm happy everything went smoothly with the move, Michelle. Enjoy settling in to your new place.

  3. Good luck with all of the unpacking and settling in! Hoow funny that your husband wants the green mile to stay. lol

  4. I have found out you are such a busy, on the go person and I envy you for that.
    Your new place looks really great and I am sure you will have it all shipshape in not time at all.