Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunny Sunday!

Currently, husband is cursing out who did the piss poor wiring here. Definitely not dad, who is an electrician, would have a coronary, or stroke out. All this started because the outlets in both bathrooms didn't work. They are wired, but there's no power. The bathroom downstairs there is a plate cover, no outlet. Hey, at least the wires behind the cover are "live".
Good thing my husband can do electrical work.

We pulled down the cabinet to place a smaller one, and prep the area for a microwave.
My husband wasn't impressed when he pulled down the hood. We had mice turds.
No, we don't have any signs of mice at the moment. My cats would be in their glory.
I do know the previous owner last year used a pest control company. We have lots of brush and leaves.
My kids spent the weekend raking up the leaves. Next weekend we will haul them to the dump.
We can haul a ton for ten dollars. I like that price. 
This is the yard with minimal leaves..


  1. You have a beautiful yard! I hope you don't have mice... ew!!

    1. I don't want mice either. The day after we arrived, we replaced all the weather stripping around the doors. There's quite a bit of brush built up. It's been in the twenties for the lows, so we want to get it cleaned up before spring. I have cats, I know two will go after any rodents that may wander in.

  2. If you paid a home inspector, you have a case about the wiring.

  3. Imagine this scenario: My FIRST wiring job occurred six years ago over my kitchen sink. The wires were there. I had MEMORIZED the order they had come out of the prior light. After I wired the pretty new light, the switch wouldn't turn it OFF. At 10:30 PM, I called my brother and told him.....10:32 PM, he got out of bed and arrived at my door to rewire the light. Has your hubby ever experienced that?