Thursday, January 8, 2015

Packed up

I had reserved a trailer from u-pack. The drop off time was 8-12, it was here around 830. The boys and I began packing. We got everything thing in, with a little room to spare. The youth from church came along with several adults. I am beat, plus sore. I have to work today, I don't plan on doing too much.  I have to go to the post office, ship some boxes, go to the dump, and pick up hubby. After I get hubby, we will lead the last few boxes in the van and suburban. The goal is to be out of here and on the road no later than 430, in the morning.
I'm hoping that are trailer will be delivered by Wednesday. I have to be there to sign for it, so I will probably call the company later tomorrow morning.
Saturday my goal will be to purchase a fridge, as the one in the house doesn't work for beans. Since its been cold, I told hubby we can keep food in the ice chest, it's like modified camping. I do need to buy an inflatable mattress. Sleeping on hardwood floors stink. In our new home, the carpet appears to be original. The house was built in 78, I don't think I want to sleep on those floors, ha ha ha.


  1. Sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh out loud when I read how you worded a sentence: go to the dump, and pick up hubby.

    Yep. I had to re-read it. lol

  2. I wouldn't want to sleep on those floors either. lol