Monday, November 18, 2013

bedroom re-do

Several years ago, my older two boys picked a horrible bright shade of yellow for their bedroom walls. At the time, they liked yugi oh and the color matched their comforters.

They older boys have since moved downstairs, and Andrew and Ryan moved into this room. They have been asking me to repaint it. They have been trying to find a color they both like.
They finally picked one.
I began the process of painting their room.

I wasn't too sure at first how I felt about the grey, I really like it!

Now the room should not be so bright. I found some cream color curtains at Target ( what is up with stores selling one panel for curtains, I mean really?  Who honestly buys one panel?)
I painted the closet door a bright white. I think we will have to replace the trim, as it is pretty trashed. I was going to paint it, but stopped. Why waste the paint if I am going to just replace it?
I will post more pics later in the week once the room is done. The lighting is better when done in the morning.

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