Sunday, November 24, 2013

This weekend

Was busy. Got all the laundry washed,folded and put away. Trimmed one of my dogs nails and expressed his anal glands. That was GROSS. Epic helped. He will never go into the medical field. I thought he was going to puke. It was smelly. We did it in the bathroom. I refuse to pay the vet $30 for both services.
It's been old here, the last three morning have been 24 degrees, this morning was 26. At least it's been sunny. It's nice to look and see blue sky. The sunrises have been gorgeous to watch.
I made homemade bread yesterday. It made the whole house smell good.
The boys have spent the last couple days playing monopoly. It's been funny to listen to them play.
We are preparing for Thanksgiving. It's been hard to find decorations. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I found some really cool things I am going to make.
Hubby will be home Wednesday, so here's to hoping that the house stays clean  is in one piece.

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