Saturday, November 30, 2013


This Thanksgiving has been great. We cooked a big turkey, made mashed potatoes, fruit salad, and homemade pies. We ate ourselves silly.
Hubby supervised Jon and Epic taking the ac pump off Matt's car. The stupid piece still hasn't come in ( it was ordered Monday, it was in Billings, MT). Supposedly it will be here by Tuesday I asked the parts guy if it was coming snail mail, because you could drive to Billings in12-14 hours.
We bought new Christmas lights and a set of 8 candy canes that light up. Jon helped me set up the candy canes, Ryan and Andrew went jup on the roof and hung up the lights.
We took the kids swimming this afternoon. The two foster kiddos had a great time. Hubby worked with them on swimming in the shallow end. The other boys were in the deep end. Jon did a fabulous (OUCH) flop. I hurt from it. Ryan and his friend Nelson did not dive off the board. Ryan said he doesn't trust his swimming ability.
I got an email from Ryan's basketball coach. He and his friend Nelson are on the same team. They are excited. They are great buds.

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  1. Your thanksgiving sounds great. Isn't it wonderful that your husband took the time to teach the boys how to swim. And that Jon entertained everyone. lol :-)