Friday, November 1, 2013

Cub Scout Den flags..

I created something similar to this several years ago for our daycamp.
Every year the boys would have to chose, who gets the den flag.
One day it came to me to give each boy a piece of fabric, and join them together to create a flag. The idea was at the end of camp, each scout could take their part of the flag home.
It was a huge hit, with the boys and with parents.
A couple months ago, I was asked to help create den flags for each of our dens. I used a similar idea as with daycamp, except I made a generic flag for the dens to each pin their piece to. In our pack, the boys move up on their birthday, so the kids are always moving in or out of dens.
The scout store sells big patches of the wolf, bear and webelos ( they also have the tiger rank as well).

I then cut the fabric ( made a front and back), and used fusible interfacing to give them a stiff appearance. I used twill as the fabric, since it is kinda stiff..

I joined the sides and tops together on the wolf flag. On the bear and webelos flag, I just used the interfacing to join the sides. I trimmed the sides with my pinking shears to prevent raveling. It was easier than sewing the sides. I used the interfacing to hold the badges, and then sewed around those edges.

 I then cut pieces of some ivory twill. The scouts will use felt pens to decorate the pieces.

The only thing left is to get the doweling for the flags, and then to make a holder ( #10 can with some pvc to hold them and cement )
These only took me a couple hours, and that was with interuptions (trick or treaters, making snacks for the boys to eat).


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    1. The boys were excited. They did very well decorating their pieces. I will get a picture next week of them.