Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

This has been one of the quietest halloween's here in awhile. I don't think we even had 20 kids. There were several houses this year, that didnt have anything set up.
My kids went to a few, then we came home and watched Addams family on tv. The kids snacked on some yummy cupcakes that my visiting teachers dropped off.
The kuds took off their costumes as soon as they came home. Tomorrow when they get home from school, I am going to ask them to change so I can get pictures.
I worked on putting together den flags for my cub scout pack. I have one down, two more to make. My goal is to have them done by tomorrow. I've had a headache all say, so hopefully it will go away. It seems so quiet here. I remember when this neighborhood was PACKED with kids on Halloween. Now it's more like a ghost town...

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  1. It was quiet here, too. We prepared treats for 20 and had 3. The weatherman was calling for rain and wind to start late in the night. Maybe that's why.