Thursday, October 3, 2013


I love pictures. I splurged on myself a couple weeks ago and got a new camera. I love it. I have had fun playing with it.

 Here is my strawberry plant. I think it is confused... I am still getting strawberries from them.

 Here is a huge rainbow. The picture was taken from in front of my house.. There was a faint second rainbow as well.

These were taken from my cell phone. The top picture is of South Lake Union. You can see the boats. The bottom picture shows one of the buildings by my work. The sky was so pretty that day. It is days like this that make me appreciate the sun here.

Here are the trees in my front yard. You can see the top of the one tree is beginning to turn red.

My tree out back and my fuchsia . My tree is changing colors, even more since this picture was taken. That fuchsia was bought last year as a 6 inch start. It was my foster sons. He thought he had killed it, and left it at my house. His mom didn't want a "dead" plant. I moved it up against the house and forgot about it. I'll be if it didn't start growing. As the fall approached, I then moved it into the garage. We have a window on the south side. It did very well. I neglected it- I think I only watered it three times over the winter. This is it now. I have since moved it back into the garage by the same window. So we will see if it continues to do well.

A couple of weeks ago, my son and I went to the convenience store for a soda. We saw this in the parking lot and laughed. Wonder if it still works....



  1. I'm going through a real tough spell now. Bad health for my sister, misery on the blogs, hell and fury everywhere. Today I took photos and for a moment, my worries were forgotten.

  2. Having a new camera is so much fun...after one gets the learning curve under control it's a great hobby. :-)