Sunday, October 20, 2013


I finally got around to downloading my pictures..

Here is a picture of the Arrow Of Light I made for one of the scouts in our pack

The tip was hard to adhere to the start of the arrow shaft. This shaft is 31" long. This boy earned a lot of stuff!
 I did add some leather stripping with feathers and beads attached. I didn't get pictures of that though.
Didn't do a whole lot more today. The boys and I went to the dump. We went out to Red Robin for dinner. I really wanted a low key day today. The kids played basketball and soccer outside. It was foggy and cold most of today ( yuck). Days like today make me think of moving to Arizona or Nevada. At lease there is SUN..

These pictures were taken 3 weeks ago at Denny Creek. The trees there are huge.

I loved how there was some snow on the very top of the mountain. The creek was running cold and fast..


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  1. I never would have thought you would need so many items to make the arrow of light! Everything always sounds simple enough, but the after-mess is more than we ever expected. GOOD JOB.