Sunday, October 6, 2013

This weekend

Was beautiful! 68 yesterday, 74today. I loved the sun and warmth. Especially after all the rain last weekend. We (the kids and I) went to Denny Creek. It was chilly up there, but sunny. The leaves are turning colors.
  I got all the mini pumpkins picked, and most of the vines are in my compost. I created a second pie in the corner of the garden. The compost will end up there anyway. The garden looks-empty. The bonus though, my kale and lettuce are beginning to come up.
   I did a lot of baking this weekend. I made cookies, bread, French toast, and lentil meat loaf. My kids loved the meatloaf. I liked it being made with lentils. I don't like the fat in hamburger.
   I was blessed with a bunk bed this weekend. I took in two siblings(boys again). I didn't have a bunk bed. I only had a twin and a toddler bed. The younger of the two technically could use the toddler bed, I didn't think it was appropriate. One of my friends asked people in her ward. One of them had one. I am so thankful, I don't have a lot of money right now. My husbands drill weekend was cancelled due to the government shut down. My husband said that even though we could use the money, he was glad to extra studying done and the opportunity to watch General Conference. He has missed the last three because of drill weekends. He said he was glad he could watch it as it was was happening.
  Time to get the kids winding down for bed.


  1. The General Conferences seem to last longer and longer any more. Or maybe it's a sign of not being relaxed. I can honestly say I haven't been "relaxed" in two years. lol

  2. Praise the Lord for receiving the bunk bed! That's wonderful. :)