Monday, October 28, 2013


Today has been a productive day.
The boys came home from school and rocked raking up all the leaves. My front yard was COVERED. They spent 2 hours blowing and raking them up.
They did a great job, and there was minimal fighting.
Dinner was scrambled eggs with ham, bagels and hot chocolate ( it was chilly today).
I found a great recipe for chocolate chip muffins. I made 30 yesterday. The kids and I ate them all. My goal is to make more sometime this week. The kids loved them. They asked for me to make more.
I cant believe Halloween is almost here. Before you know it, it will be Christmas.
Need to finish my Christmas shopping.
I am happy, I am OFF on Thursday. The best thing is, the kids are ALL in school so I will be by myself, as in NO ONE HERE. The house and I have a hot date in regards to house cleaning!

The tree in the picture is what it looked like before all the leaves fell. I love the shade of reds it turns!

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