Saturday, October 19, 2013


     I got a lot done today. Yesterday when I got off work, I went ahead and did the grocery shopping. Luckily, the store was not that busy.
The boys helped unload and put the groceries away. I worked on the laundry, doing dishes, all the other fun things the house needs. The boys raked up the leaves and vacuumed the house.
   After dinner, we went shopping for Halloween costumes. FK #1&2 each found what they were looking for. RJ found a costume, so I told him to get it. I don't want to wait then it not be there.
    Today I worked on cleaning my room, the computer desk and the garage. The boys helped me go through items. We took one load to Goodwill, and have a load for the dump outside. We have been in this house 9 years. I cant believe the amount of clutter that has accumulated. The garage still has a lot of work to be done; however at least we made a dent in the mess.
   The only break we took today was when I took the kids swimming. Its a public pool in the next city. I like it a lot better. The pool has a diving board with a rope the kids can use to swing into the water; a slide, and a huge inflatable octopus that they kids can climb and slide down.The kids had a blast. It wasn't that busy, which was nice.
     I am now working on organizing all my cub scout stuff to make it easier to track my awards/advancements. I am trying to connect with the other leader to come up with a plan. The other leader has a lot of health problems going on- I am covering for her until they call someone else to replace her. This group of boys is sweet, so I don't mind covering. I am planning for the boys to cook hotdogs on Wednesday, so that will be entertaining. Its been foggy here- I was hoping for sun today so the kids and I could do yard work.

    I realize that this picture is crooked, that's I placed it on the scanner. It is one of the few pictures I have of my grandparents, parents, aunt, uncle, husband and kids. I found it today as I was cleaning some of my craft stuff in one of the closets. This picture is even more important to me, as my grandfather passed away when I was pregnant with my 4th son.

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